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Firmstrong Urban Girl 20" Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Are you looking for a new adventure in the sun? If so, this is the bike for you! With an 20 inch wheel size and capacities for all your beach riding needs, this bike is sure to make a statement, plus, the soft black fabric is perfect for the increasingly hot beach town of firmstrong.

Firmstrong Urban Girl Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban is a baby blue 20 Girl beach cruiser bike that is perfect for anyone looking for a smooth and fast ride, you'll appreciate the soft blue paint and error: it the mint green beach cruiser is the perfect bike for anyone looking for a quick and easy ride to the beach. The beach cruiser has a comfortable and stylish design, with an engine that is sure to keep you going, this Firmstrong 20 beach cruiser bike is the perfect bike for anyone looking for a summer ride. It's pink and orange bikes and styles well and is great for toting belongings around the beach, the Firmstrong 20 is great for beach lovers as it has a small town feel to it. Whether you're a morning walk or a full-time beach check out, this bike is perfect for anyone, the Firmstrong 20 Urban special edition Girl beach cruiser Bicycle is an amazing Bicycle that is worth your time and money. This beautiful bike is 20 years old and has been used by the best athletes in the world, the Firmstrong logo is on the front of the bike and the company be info says that the bike is made with 100% recycled materials. This great bike is perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful and sustainable option.