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Beach Cruiser Led Headlight

The beach cruiser Led Headlight is a high light wattage Led Headlight that is perfect for motorcycles, this lightable Headlight has 000 k color temperature and an 12 watt max light bulb. It can be inserted into a white light bar or used as an own light in your salon.

Beach Cruiser Lights

The h4 motorcycle Headlight Led buld fog lamp light is a high light Headlight that can be used while driving, the lamp has an 30 watt output power and an 6200 hours outdoor life. The lamp can be controlled with the use of a control unit or by using the vehicle's instrumentation, this is a great bracket for motorcycle headlights that need to be able to see in tight areas. It is made of durable materials and can last for a long time, it is also easy to use and set up. The beach cruiser is a classic schwinn stingray bicycle cruiser that has been fixed up with c3 Led Headlight competition headlights, this bike is a fixie road bike that features a comfortable and stable ride. The c3 Led Headlight competition headlights provide light that is easy to see, the headlights are able to run all the way to the end of the light beam. The beach cruiser Led Headlight is a great motorcycle Led light for front it is an 20 d h6 s2 35 w 6 cob hilo beam front light, it has a hilo beam and a standard h4 vet rear light.