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Micargi Hero Men's Beach Cruiser Bike

This amazing Hero 20 beach cruiser is the perfect Bike for young entrepreneurs, it's a lowrider style Bike with high rise handlebars and a hi rise design. It's also adventure Bike friendly with a built in helmet support system.

Cheap Micargi Hero Men's Beach Cruiser Bike

This perfect for the young cowboy or any rider looking for a comfortable and efficient lowrider bike, the micargi's 20 inch wheels are sod it up with the most out-of-the-box performance. The handlebars are high rise and provide a hi-rise look and feel, the Bike is packed with features and abilities that make it the perfect lowrider. The mint green color is perfect for any color ride, the rear favour is perfect for off-road fun. The is the perfect Bike for the rider who wants to show their friends and family how much they know the sand, one up on all other lowrider bikes out there. This is a great quality beach cruiser Bike that is for for the price you'll pay, this item is a good quality beach cruiser that is for for the price you'll pay. The Hero 20 is a great lowrider handlebar Bike for kids or adults who want to get out there on the beach, the handlebars rise and there is a comfortable weight to the Bike for comfortable ride. The Hero 20 is outfitted with a great speed sensor and ahead-of-the-line graphics, making it a great Bike for younger riders, the sand only takes a moment to mix with the black and the blue, this Hero men's beach cruiser Bike has a lowrider handlebars and hi-rise bar ends. It is also a Bike that will make your day-to-day use a bit easier, it comes with a microfiber cloth top and bottom cover, two small cups, and a remote. This Hero men's beach cruiser Bike is a great way to keep your dirty clothes out and your Bike is a perfect addition to any room.