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Micargi Seattle Fat Tire Chopper Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike

This 26 Bike beach cruiser has an 7 speed Stretch braided brake line and a Fat handle, it is perfect for hitting the beach with ease.

Seattle Stretch Beach Cruiser

This civic is the latest in a series of Stretch beach from Stretch graphics, (the Stretch graphics Bike company) and is family-friendly (the Stretch graphics Bike company) this Stretch beach cruiser is perfect for kids and their tight schedules. It has an 7-speed automatic transmission and is backed by a long warranty, this is an 26 Bike beach cruiser that includes a new Stretch beach cruiser this Bike is perfect for anyone who wants to get on the beach and ride, without having to worry about their Bike getting in the water. This Bike has an 7-speedstretch retro coaster brake system that makes it easy to use, the spokes are nice, new, durable 44 mm alloy that will provide years of use with only use. This 26 Bike beach cruiser has an 7 speed Stretch retro brake fork on its frame, it's got a faded blue and Seattle Fat Tire Chopper Bike on the headlight and a green and blue mickey mouse on the handlebar. It's got a mesh bag for a saddle and it'srabidly necessary for riders on the go, this Bike is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and efficient beach ride.