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Murray Monterey Beach Cruiser

The Murray Monterey beach cruiser is an 1984 that's designed for cruising the coast of Monterey bay, with a husband and wife team that always up for a good time, the Murray Monterey beach cruiser is one of the most popular bicycles we offer this is the perfect bike for anyone who is looking for a simple, efficient way to explore the coast of Monterey bay.

Murray Beach Cruiser

This Murray Monterey beach cruiser is a great opportunity to own one of those classic cars and modes of transportation, it's an 1984 vintage Murray Monterey beach cruiser and it's a great opportunity to modernize and update it with other activities such as fishing, hiking and riding. This cruiser is a great addition to any community or personal boat, this Monterey beach cruiser is a classic bike that has seen use by luxury cars and businesses in the oil fields of Monterey and yarmouth, the cruiser has been adapted for use on the water by the addition of a number of panels and straps, which have made it easy to take with plenty of clearance for all the gear. The Monterey beach cruiser is also easy to operate with a manual gear, making it a great bike for those who want to avoid getting their hands dirty on the water, the Murray Monterey beach cruiser is an 1984 relic from the era of petty cash and used bike sales. It's a small, plain bike great deals be info retailers such as ebay and it's got a sturdy build and a light, comfortable full-suspension that makes it a great choice for or for taking on rides on the beach, this vintage Murray beach cruiser is a great example of a classic cruiser bike that is still in great condition. This bike is located in the middle of the room and is covered in dust and scratches, the frame is in great condition with no major issues. The just- needs a good clean up paint job is excellent, the interior is clean and free of any damage. The key-box and are also in great condition, this bike is sure to br joy to any cyclist.